board of directors



michael frank

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Michael Frank is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Revive.  Mr. Frank has a strong background in operations, business development, M&A and the capital markets. Mr. Frank is currently the President of Mifran Consulting, providing advisory services to emerging technology companies in a number of key verticals. In the past, Mr. Frank has served as the CEO and Director of Sprylogics International and the Internet of Things Inc., as well as holding senior management positions at Ernst & Young, Data General, and NCR. Mr. Frank has had successful exits in the technology sector including one to Intuit Corporation, and has been instrumental in advising several early stage software companies including a number in the cannabis sector over the last few years. Additionally, Mr. Frank has consulted to Revive’s senior management team on various strategic initiatives.

William Jackson

William Jackson is currently Chief Executive Officer of Atwill Medical Solutions. Mr. Jackson was a cofounder of Covalon Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: COV) and held senior management roles such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Business Officer, and director from December 2004 to January 2013. Mr. Jackson served as a director of Titan Medical Inc. (TSXV: TMD) from April 2008 to June 2010.


Mr. Joshua Herman, a director of the Company, is the Chief Executive Officer of Herman Holdings Limited. Mr. Herman was a corporate accountant at Hennick Herman for 8 years where he focused on advising clients on various transactional, accounting and tax issues. In 2015, Mr. Herman began early-stage investing in the medical marijuana industry, where he has since become a prolific and well known investor. In 2017, Mr. Herman founded Herman Holdings in order to capitalize on the top investment opportunities he has access to within the cannabis space.


MR. Christian Scovenna is a highly-experienced C-Suite Executive with over twelve years of capital market experience. In his most recent engagement with Mojave Jane Brands Inc. (formerly, High Hampton Holdings Corp.) (CSE: JANE), he was instrumental in building the company as one of the original founders and was a key member of the management team as interim CEO and Senior VP Corporate Finance while also serving on the board as a director. As Managing Director at a boutique firm, Mr. Scovenna led six portfolio companies within the group where he focused on raising capital and business development. He also spent four years with Frontier Merchant Capital Group as Director & Senior VP of Operations and served as Managing Partner with Lions Edge Capital. Over the years, Mr. Scovenna has been successful in completing numerous M&A activities and capital raises. He currently serves as Director & Sr. VP of Corporate Development for Pasofino Gold Limited (formerly Enforcer Gold Corp.) (VEIN-TSX.V) and Tevano Payment Systems (Private Co.) as VP Of Corporate Development.

andrew lindzon

Mr. Andrew Lindzon, a director of the Company, is a seasoned professional and investor with an excellent track record. He earned an LLB from Osgoode Hall (1984) and is CEO of Ashlin Technology Solutions since 1985. Ashlin provides North American companies with technology products and services to improve business processes.